Recycled Bird Sculpture Workshop – Michelle Reader

In this workshop, you will learn to make bird sculptures from recycled materials, using wire and found materials to create your own unique feathered friend.

Raid your recycling bin and your kitchen drawer for odds and ends to bring along and turn into a sculptural interpretation of your favourite bird.  Sculptor Michelle Reader will provide extra materials, tools and expertise to help you realise your avian ideas.

Examples of interesting bits to bring along: cutlery and other kitchen utensils, bicycle wheel spokes, clothes pegs, springs, shuttlecocks, door knobs, Christmas baubles, electrical wire, bits of broken toys, small plastic bottles, branches/twigs, seed pods, fabric scraps… let your imagination run free!

This workshop is suitable for adults at all levels of sculptural experience.

Cost: £36.00 includes all tuition, tools and materials, as well as tea or coffee and cake (please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements upon booking)

If you would prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer please let us know by email.