Artist profile

Always a maker and creative explorer I have worn many colourful ‘hats’ over the years. Having trained as a theatre designer, danced, puppeteered and facilitated a host of visual community art projects I generally revolve around colourful textiles and mixed media, specialising in both large scale theatrical events and small scale decorative items.

Recent years have seen me developing my personal work, combining my love of colour, light and movement with the tactile qualities of silk I paint flowing fabrics for clothing and decoration.  My sanctuary and jungle of an allotment form the inspiration for my designs as I lose myself in the vegetation and microscopic insect life that abounds there.

I’m currently most excited about breathing new life into worn and vintage parasols, fans and accessories, exploring the stories and characters embodied in such personal items and using these to hand painted silks, embellish and creating new and colourful wearables. Sometimes these grow into totally unpractical mixed media sculptural pieces which develop a magical life of their own.

With over 20 years’ experience of participatory work in a variety of community settings I also continue to work with groups and organisations to creatively enhance local events, festivals and carnivals through celebratory lanterns, costumes, puppets, flags and banners.  I also have occasion to indulge in a bit of prop making from time to time, some of the more weird and wonderful include weather machines, dragons, a church built from cake, a mountain of spam and a worrying amount of decapitated heads!

With my roots in the south coast and rural Shropshire I have lived and worked in Nottingham for nearly 30 years.  I’m lucky enough to exist in creative pandemonium with a very tolerant partner, 2 daughters and 3 chaotic cats.
 T 07949 831782