Curious Perambulator at Veg Power

Loving Summer

During the long hot summer of 2018, Team Curious have adopted something of a Mediterranean working day, starting early in the morning, getting out of the heat of midday and returning in the cooler evenings.  Our flower-filled chair baskets have powered on through the heat and the sunflowers are finally starting to bloom in joyous fashion!

Curious Sunflower   Curious Wheee Festival

It’s been a summer of sun-filled festivals and smiling faces for our Curious Perambulator. We have been out and about, encouraging electricity-free stitchery with our hand-cranked vintage Singer sewing machine, sewing everything from banana bunting to silky spiderwebs, bringing delight to younger people and sparking happy memories amongst some of our older participants.

We’re looking forward to the Curious Perambulator venturing out to provide all kinds of arts and crafts shenanigans at many more events. Its Chitty Chitty Bang Bang styling, with its pop-up table top makes it the ideal platform for everything from planting to paper crafting and stitchery to silk painting. If you would like to find out more, just get in touch on 07842 461926 or

Our Instagram gallery shows some of the stunning pieces our students have created (and their smiling faces!) and we look forward to sharing more when we return to teaching workshops from 8 September 2018, after our official Curious fortnight of enforced rest!

~ Manton x


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  • OMG! I utterly love this photo! I do like the “Curious perambulator”, what a great idea: to be able to sew, be mobile and encounter new people on the way, I might built myself something similar and then “hit the road”, LOL! I have just found out about Curious Nottingham while visiting the Creative Quarter website. I look forward to hear about your forthcoming events and workshops, keep up the good work!

    • Hooray! We could start a convoy! Thanks for the positivity – have a lovely day! x

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